Welcome to the High School of Fashion Industries Advisory Board!

The High School of Fashion Industries, an 'A' rated public school, is the country’s premier high school for fashion design. Come view some of our videos and learn more!

The High School of Fashion Industries, one of New York City’s public schools, is the country’s only high school for fashion design. Its students have been recognized by US News and World Report as well as the New York City Mayor’s Office for their excellence in math and science test scores.

With more than 1600 students from all five boroughs, the school's population is 89% Latino, African-American, and Asian.

Students audition for admission to HSFI which offers majors in Fashion Design, Art and Graphic Illustration, Marketing and Visual Merchandising.

Although 70% of the students come from families that are at or below the poverty level, the High School has an 87% graduation rate compared to the City average of 54% for public schools.

90% of graduating seniors go on to colleges and universities but only when they receive financial support.

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The mission of the High School of Fashion Industries is to provide challenging, creative, and effective vocational, technical and academic training for New York City students in a specially tailored program for those with an interest in a fashion related field. Awarded an “A” on the first annual Progress Report on public schools (September 2007) and named by US News and Report (December 2007), one of the top 505 high schools in the country, the High School of Fashion Industries is the only high school of its kind in the nation.

Today, we are a dual focus school, with a full academic program and with majors in Fashion Design, Art and Illustration, Fashion Merchandising and Visual Merchandising. We still draw from a talent pool of motivated New York City students, and our graduation rate is one of highest in the City of New York. Equally commendable is the percentage of graduating seniors who go on to college (over 90%), many of whom continue their pursuit of a dream in the fashion industry.


Fashion had its origins in 1926 in a garment center loft on West 31 Street. Its initial purpose was to train a work force for the many different trades of the fashion industries. Most of its students were immigrants or children of immigrants who were trying to make new lives for themselves in a new country. As part of a WPA project, construction of a new school was begun in 1938. In 1941, Central Needle Trades High School—opened its doors. It’s curriculum was almost entirely vocational, stressing sewing, machine work, and fashion design.

It had many ties to the labor movement in New York, as illustrated in the landmark murals in the auditorium. (link to images eventually) The school changed as the fashion industry of New York changed. It adopted its present name in 1956 to reflect the new variety of vocational majors offered. Majors in fur manufacturing, haberdashery, upholstery, shoe manufacture and repair, foundation wear, have come and gone over the years.

Today, a student may major in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Textile and Interior Design, Illustration and Graphics, or Jewelry Design. In addition, our academic program prepares all students for the new Regents graduation standards and the rigors of post secondary education.


The purpose of the Board is to provide advice, guidance, support and advocacy to the High School of Fashion Industries.

The mission of the Board is to support New York City students at HSFI who have expressed an interest and talent in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. The Board will work jointly with the leadership of the high school.

•The board will display continuing dedication and committee to the goals of the Board

•Function as a liaison between industry and the school in identifying viable internships and job employment opportunities for HSFI students

•Bring noted industry related speakers to the school

•Fund raise for student incentive award scholarship and other student needs

•Identify and facilitate scholarship opportunities and donations

•Assist in the planning of new fashion industry related day or after school programs

•Provide contacts for contribution of new equipment, materials, programs, and other school/student needs

High School of Fashion Industries would love to welcome you, your organization or one of your colleagues to:

Career Day -Participate as a presenter and give students an inside look at your career or organization

Professional Development- Conduct one or more workshops for vocational teachers on current trends in the industry

Golden Needle Awards- Be a judge for the top fashion design students at the High School

Interact with the Students at your Workplace- Invite students to visit and tour your work place/college

Internship Program- Provide internships or part-time jobs for qualified students

Mentor- Serving as a mentor to a student (Adopt-a-Student program) or an entire organization such as the Accessories Club

Donations - We need fabric, sewing machines, dress forms, money or stipends to support after school programs at risk of being cut

The Scholarship Event- Help with fund raising, special incentive awards, or just attend the greatest school age fashion show in NYC!

In School Store- Provide merchandise for our student-run stores